Want To Learn How To Buy Your Next Property For $1 (And Keep It Using Only Lunch Money)? You Too Can Master This Simple Process And Take Control Of Your Financial Future Today!

The truth is, if you’ve been trying to master the property market by yourself you’ve been doing it the hard way…

Over 460 people have used the same game plan that enabled me, a dirt poor farm boy from New South Wales, to retire a multi-millionaire at 38. And it’s this same Your Property Game Plan I’d like to share with you.

If you’re fed up of the scaremongering about market conditions, if you’re sick and tired of all the negative stories about the global property collapse when you can clearly see that our economy is bouncing back fast, then you need to read this entire page!

You see, I’m here to share Your Property Game Plan with you. It’s a simple, proven, step-by-step process for quickly growing your property portfolio without amassing hundreds of thousands of dollars of bad debt. You’ll also be gaining access to experienced Investors and Property experts who’ll support you every step of the way.

At last you’ll finally be able to make the right property buying decisions using very little of your own time or money.

In fact, Your Property Game Plan will show you how you too can acquire property using just $1 deposit and keep it for less than the cost of your weekly lunches.

Life can be full on!

Especially if you have your own business or a demanding job.
Then there are family commitments.

Getting any time to yourself to re-charge your batteries can be a challenge, so it's understandable that, for many people, finding the time to research property markets, look at properties on weekend, deliberate over which properties are winners and which ones are lemons and then deal with all the complexities of choosing agents, accountants, mortgage brokers and property managers can seem insurmountable.

And yet, it's likely you're feeling the pressure of the clock ticking.

You've been doing the sums and realising you really need to do something to get some high performing investments working for you so you can not only have a great retirement, but also enjoy the journey along the way.

What can you do?

It's a dilemma many people are facing today.

How do you keep all the wheels turning on your already busy life AND make strategic, well researched investment decisions that are going to take you forwards, not backwards?

That's why my Property Game Plan has been so popular.

I've personally helped 463 people through my Property Game Plan process to purchase investment properties in high performing areas using very little of their own time or money... the great majority of those using just a $1 deposit and costing nothing more than their lunch money (or less!) to hold,
completely transforming their wealth potential.

With growing numbers of people wanting to know how I did it
and how I've helped so many others do it too, I'm hosting a
limited number of half day seminars where I will be giving you
the "best of the best" of what I've learned about my Game Plan
for growing wealth through property.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of my upcoming
complimentary training events...


Lunch Money Property Millionaire

I used this exact system myself to create a multi-million dollar property portfolio that enabled me to retire at just 38 and enjoy life with my young family (even though I'd never really earned more than an average wage!).

And now you can learn this same step-by-step Game Plan for your own property investing success.

More than 460 people have purchased properties using the strategies outlined in Phil's proven Property Game Plan.

Here's what they have to say about this easy to do, low cost, no hassle way for regular Australians to get out from under the burden of debt and high mortgage payments and easily grow their wealth through property investing...

Back On Track and In Control - Saving $1,700 a month PLUS we now have 3 EXTRA properties!

"In just 20 months Phil has helped my husband and I go from feeling lost and unsure to feeling in control and really on track. Back then we needed to find $1,700 every month to cover our investments, now we have secured 3 additional properties and have two more under contract, and best of all, we no longer need to pay a single cent towards any of our investments."

Faye Roberts, Brisbane, QLD

Future looks bright: We added 2 properties for $1... and so did my parents and brother

"It's been a big year, our first baby arrived, my wife finished work, I changed jobs, we added a property in our Self Managed Super Fund, plus we added another investment property using just &1. Best of all, our total holding costs are just $29/week."

Dean Maunder, QLD

Why Having a Game Plan Is The Difference Between
Winning It All and Losing It All

Imagine you decided to run a marathon...

You could just turn up at the start line without doing any training and chances are, you wouldn't last very long before you had to pull out with an injury or exhaustion, way before the finish line. This kind of strategy can actually do you serious long term damage and it will also likely turn you off ever running another marathon.

Or, you could put your own training program together, based on what you already know or what friends have told you might work.

And, whilst you are likely to fair a little better than the person who didn't train at all, I can almost guarantee you won't do as well as you could have if you'd been working with one of the country's most experienced and successful marathon runners helping you get prepared for the race.

A winning marathon athlete knows where the pitfalls are. He or she has likely made just about every mistake there is to make and already corrected their process based on what those mistakes have taught them.

They know when to run hard and when to keep some fuel in the tank.

They will also have the benefit of knowing what equipment, support people and resources you need to maximise your training process and get you to the finishing line in the best time possible, feeling great and injury-free.

It's just the same with property investing.

Many people get burned thinking they can just jump in and succeed in property investing without doing any research. Or perhaps they take a "hot tip" from a friend or family member that ends up costing them dearly.

The A Grade property investors, like the elite marathon athletes, know they need a Game Plan and they spend years refining those Game Plans so that they have a repeatable system for creating wealth.

At the Your Property Game Plan events I will be sharing my personal system with you.

This is my most valuable asset.

Take away all my dozens and dozens of investment properties tomorrow and you still haven't taken away my wealth. Because, with the power of my system (my Game Plan) I know I can re-create my wealth in a short period of time.

People would normally pay thousands of dollars for this information.

Be sure to act now to claim your place at these limited-seating complimentary events today.

Who is this event for?

Your Property Game Plan can help create wealth through property investing for:

  • Business owners who are often too busy to find excellent property deals on their own time and want an easy, effective process for leveraging their income and building an investment portfolio without having to take up too much of their time
  • Salary earners wanting to get their tax dollars working FOR them rather than seeing thousands and thousands of dollars disappear to the taxman
  • First-time investors looking for sound, strategic information on where, when and what to buy
  • Experienced investors looking for advanced strategies such as investing in property via Self Managed Super Funds
  • Homeowners looking to leverage their
  • Current property investors whose portfolios have stalled or gone backwards and they're looking for a way to turn things around
  • Mums and Dads wanting to spend more time with their families – many people who learn these strategies get to throw in their day jobs!
  • People approaching retirement who have realised their nest egg won't be enough to live on and are looking to make a big difference to their bottom line in the next few years, while they still can.
  • Anyone who would like to learn how they can turn an average income into a $5 million plus Property Portfolio without having to sacrifice their quality of life in the process.

We escaped the Rat Race - 4 new properties in the past 18 months and working on 2 more!

"When I met Phil 18 months ago I was trapped in the rat race working in the corporate world. Since then Phil has helped us add 4 new properties and we are working on 2 more. We have purchased 2 properties inside our super fund, and by doing so we have put a rocket under what was a lagging super performance. Now our property investments are so well planned it's basically set and forget. I'm now able to work from home, my husband and I now have more time for our young family and we feel secure knowing we are on a path to a very bright future."

Lorraine Nielsen, Townsville, QLD

I had previously lacked the time and the confidence – now with Phil's help I've just signed my first 2 properties!

"Whilst I understood the fundamentals of the Lunch Money Model from past property investment experience, I lacked the time to do the market research and therefore confidence to know when and where to buy and at what price point. The support from Phil, Gordon and Lorraine has been fantastic and I've just signed on my first 2 properties – with one of them in my new SMSF that will help fund my retirement in ways my super could never have worked. Thanks guys. I look forward to buying property #3 in 2-3 years!"

Mark Schneider, VIC

You don't have to be crushed by debt
to build your wealth through property

I meet people all the time who are getting crushed under the burden of the debt they've taken on in the supposed quest to build wealth through property.

And it impacts just about everyone…young people trying to get started, families looking to build some wealth and people approaching retirement wanting to boost their nest egg.

So many people are paying hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars a month to hold the same property portfolios I teach people to acquire and hold, often with very little of their own money.

Relieving that burden frees you up to live the life you really want, right now, rather than being chained to loan repayments that could be strangling you and robbing you of precious time with your family or doing others things you love.

So how does it work?

Using the strategies I have developed and proven in my own life and the
lives of hundreds others, I can help you:

  • Identify properties and geographic areas offering you the best capital growth
  • Understand and utilise new laws to purchase property using your Super money
  • Find effective finance strategies
  • Make the most of your current equity Understand how to purchase properties below valuation
  • Understand how you can grow your wealth through property using very little (if any) of your own money

Who is Phil Anderson?

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth…

Growing up in humble surroundings in rural New South Wales, I quickly realised I was never going to be given money or inherit a fortune. If I wanted to achieve wealth, I needed to make it on my own, so when I was 18, I vowed to become a millionaire by the time I was 30.

To achieve my goal I worked with some of the best coaches and mentors in the world and began to focus on turning my passions into profits.

I love business and real estate, so by pursuing both of these I not only achieved my goal of being a millionaire by the time I was 30, I was also able to retire at 38.

Now that I am financially free, I get to choose whatever I want to do. I really love spending time with my family and we are now regular travelers, taking numerous family holidays per year.

I also get to fulfill one of my other great passions, which is to educate others how they can use the same powerful strategies for creating wealth through property that have enabled me to live the life I have always wanted.

I wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I didn't have a lot of money to get me started. I've just learned the Game Plan for creating wealth using real estate, that costs very little to get into or maintain and takes only a fraction of the time required for many other more complicated property strategies – leaving me with more time to do the things you really want in life.

And I'd really like to share my Game Plan with you, so you can enjoy the life you dream of.

Using Phil's Lunch Money Model I've purchased 5 high growth properties that cost me NOTHING to hold

"I bought three houses by other means prior to meeting Phil and in hindsight, I wouldn't buy them again. These initial houses generally have low capital growth and are costing me a fair amount of money to hold on to. Since learning Phil's Lunch Money Model, I have bought 5 more properties, which are a much better deal than my first 3 and they don't cost me anything to hold on to. I have been to all of the available property seminars and talked to a lot of people and Phil's are the best by far. I would highly recommend that you do Phil's seminar. If you are serious about building a property portfolio you won't regret it."

Jon Cole, NSW

$1.4 million property portfolio in less than two years - and it hasn't cost a cent!

"Less than two years ago we knew we needed to do something, but we didn't know what. We were paying too much tax and we lacked direction. Thanks to Phil Anderson's guidance we have since acquired 4 investment properties valued in excess of $1.4 million without using one cent of our own money. And, it costs us nothing to hold this incredible portfolio. We feel fantastic and totally on track to achieve our dreams.""

Roslyn & Sean Dalton, Townsville, QLD

In just 6 months I have purchased 2 new properties in my own name and another within my Super Fund

"I have always believed that property was a great investment and a good way to provide me with a more secure future. When I heard of Phil's Lunch Money Property Seminar, I already had 1 investment property as well as my own home, but I knew that it and my Super fund was not enough to ensure a comfortable retirement, and was looking for something more. In just 6 months I have purchased 2 new properties in my own name and another within my Super Fund. And with the expertise of the helpful and friendly team that Phil has assembled, I am ensuring my and my children's, financial future. This is without a doubt the best example of a "win/win" situation that I have ever come across."

Gary Staples, NSW

We wish we'd found Phil sooner

"After twelve years of previous property investing experience we wish we found Phil Anderson sooner. His model offers a friendly, painless, informative and incredibly effective way of buying real estate for investment. The passion that Phil and his team has shown just gives you a feeling of security knowing that they have your interests at heart without the giant asking price that is so typical of many so-called real estate/investment gurus. I would recommend their services and expertise to anybody considering using real estate as an investment vehicle."

Glen Johnson & Roz Hutchison

This Property Game Plan has helped thousands of people grow their wealth through real estate...

Watch this short video to see what others say about how Phil's Property Game Plan has worked for them...

Using My Property Game Plan Process More Than 460 People Have Successfully Grown Their Wealth Through Property, Using Very Little Of Their Own Time Or Money

What you will learn?

Your Property Game Plan can help create wealth through property investing for:

  • How to turn a 'lunch money' budget into a million dollar property portfolio
  • How you can adopt a property investment model that requires just 1 hour of your time per month.- perfect for the busy person or if you want more time with your family
  • A strategy showing how you can retire with $5 mil net wealth.
  • The vital information about new government laws that will put a rocket under your super balance - increasing it by 500% or more in 15 years.
  • How to save yourself paying a single cent in capital gains tax when you sell an investment property.
  • Why many great property investment strategies fail and learn how to avoid it happening to you.
  • Where 'A Grade' property investors are buying today and why.

  • How to add investment properties that will finance your business 'Exit Plan'.
  • How clever investors are taking advantage of the booming property market without being crushed by debt or sacrificing valuable family time.

Upcoming Events

How To Build a Million Dollar Property Portfolio with a $1 Deposit

I do hope you will join me to learn how you can become a Lunch Money Property Millionaire.

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